Want better results from your collection letters?

Choose the right collection letter vendor


When you send a collection letter, the odds are good that you are not the only agency sending that debtor a collection letter.

There are probably 5-10 other agencies and countless marketers vying for that debtors attention and money.

The question you need to ask yourself is…


“What differentiates my letter from my competition?”


If you don’t have an answer or want to learn about sample collection letters that get results and create the best collection notices, please listen to our 7 part, step-by-step guide below.

The strategies, tools, samples, and ideas found in this audio series will generate THOUSANDS of extra dollars in revenue.

Get the edge over your competition and start listening TODAY!






Maximize your collection letters!


A lot of people are surprised when they hear the bold title of our program.  Some people even wonder if you can improve a collection letter at all.

What I want to do with the short time we have together in this program is teach you a system for innovating and marketing your collection letters to a point where it’s instantly evident that you are the obvious choice to pay.

I want to show you how to use your letters to make these advantages so obvious to your debtors they would easily draw this one simple conclusion: I have to be an absolute fool to pay anyone else but you…regardless of how much I owe.

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