"I thought all direct mail companies were the same until CompuMail delivered a 15% increased response from our mailings."

Let us utilize 20+ years experience and research to help you generate similar RESULTS!

About Us

CompuMail is the premier direct mail company in the United States.


We are headquartered in Concord, CA, with print and mail service facilities in San Francisco, CA, and Trenton, NJ.


Our regional sales offices are located in Orange County, CA, and Muncie, IN.


We’ve grown significantly over the years and now provide innovative online payment portals, emailing, QR codes, and other “new media” services for any industry requiring the best direct mail solutions.


We never stop exploring ways to improve our service to ensure that you increase your revenues and reduce expenses!  


Be sure to check out our free Maximize Your Collection Letter program on this site where we provide sample collection letters and examples of critical tips for optimizing results.


Feel free to also checkout our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ pages where we keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings at CompuMail and the industries we serve.

Why CompuMail?

Think all mass mailing services are the same?


We wouldn’t blame you.


Most collection agency mail vendors just laser print and mail whatever you provide them.


If you think about it though, few things are more important than selecting the right collection letter vendor to print and mail for you. 


Here are a few questions to consider:

1. How much revenue is generated from your direct mail?


2. What if you could get +10-15% better results from your letters?


3. How important is your reputation and avoiding mistakes?


4. Is data security critical to you and your clients?


5. Do you like doing business with a company that is 100% dedicated to customer service?


At CompuMail, we go the extra mile!


We don’t just mail letters.


Our clients get the best possible RESULTS, while also providing the highest levels of data security and customer service at the most competitive prices.


We have performed unprecedented research on sample collection letters in order to determine EXACTLY what works best. Contact us for our free tips and collection letter examples that will provide you with the exact text, size, and colors that work best.


After implementing our suggestions, our clients have experienced anywhere from 17% to 300% increased results.


Please explore our website where you will find numerous other CompuMail advantages and free tips.  We recommend following our social media pages as well, as we strive to keep you updated on the latest news about CompuMail and the collection industry.


Nobody is more transparent in helping you make the right decision for your print and mail services!

Print and Mail Services

CompuMail synergizes state-of-the-art technology with proven best practices to ensure that we deliver superior results for you.


We offer more than 110 multi-channel delivery options to help you get your letter delivered and opened faster.


On top of our traditional print and mail services, we provide:

1.  Electronic Message Delivery / Emails

2.  Texting Notifications

3.  Online Payment Portals

4.  Online Letter Review

5.  Real-time Messaging


These ‘new media’ tools separate us from ordinary direct mail companies and ensure a better ROI on your campaigns.


Please review our website to see:

Comparison charts,

Walk-thru videos,

—  Compliance certs.,

—  Testimonials,

—  Personnel Bios,

—  And much more…

We specialize in the debt collection industry and started as one of the preferred outsource mail vendors for leading collection agency platforms such as Ontario Systems, Simplicity, and Columbia Ultimate.  We now have seamless interfaces to virtually all of the major debt collection software platforms, as well as those outside of the ARM industry.

If you want the best collection agency mail vendor, look no further!

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